We now own a flock of eleven sheep. Our ram, Little Giant Bucky, and our ewe, White Pine Rush, are purebred Shetlands; both are registered.  All the rest of our ewes are crossbreeds (Cheviot by Shetland).  So, this spring we will have some lovely, mostly Shetland, and perhaps one, or two purebred Shetland lambs.  They all should make excellent fleece animals.

For breed definitions and characteristics along with lists of breeders from across the US visit the North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association webpage at 

Little Giant Bucky

White Pine Rush

RTF Robb *(now at White Pine Shetlands)

LittleRedOak Copper
LittleRedOak EasterLily
LittleRedOak Tuesday
LittleRedOak June  *Pictures to come