Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm new to this blogging thing, so give me a break. I started with the hope that it will be a useful advertising tool for our small farm. We (my wife and I) are back in my hometown. We are living in a duplex in the "big city" yet, but are saving to buy our dream farm in a few years. We currently own one horse, one 3/4 Australian Cattle and 1/4 boxer dog named Charlie, and 5 sheep. All our animals, except Charlie (does he count?) are housed on family property 15 min North of our duplex. For right now the sheep will be the main focus of this blog, but we'll see where it leads.
Hopefully the ram is doing his job. The whole flock is lambs, so we shall see what the spring brings. We turned him loose in mid-October and so are hoping for late March early April lambs. I have raised sheep before, but never this breed. Most of the flock are Shetlands, a hardy multi-purpose breed descending from ancient short-tailed flocks. Their wool is multi-colored and ranges from very fine to rather coarse. I can't decide if I will put up the official breed description on another page, or not, but that brief description will have to suffice for the moment. That's all for now.