Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello, again.  I apologize to everyone who has asked for a new post recently.  I have been extremely busy with my "real" job which involves planting crops.  The planting season has both kept me from seeing the sheep as frequently as I would like, and putting up new posts on the blog.  However, I am now through the planting season and have found some time to get back out to the farm.  The lambs are looking fat and happy, which to me indicates some good milking ewes.  All of the sheep are doing spectacular, despite the wild temperature fluctuations here in West-central Minnesota.

I did get shearing done before the heat set in and Rachel's mother has been spinning away with the fruits of my labor.  She has made some lovely felted bowls with wool from last fall's shearing.  Both Rachel and I are very excited to see what becomes of this spring's fleeces.

My grandparents have returned from Texas and the farm is once again inhabited by humans, along with the farm animals.  The chicken chores have thus been relegated to my grandparents, along with the duties of eating the eggs!  In addition to the sheep and chickens, my sister has bought some Holstein steers that she hopes to re-sell in the fall, fattened on grass.  They are also being kept on my grandparents pasture, but separate from the sheep.

We still have three ram lambs for sale.  We are willing to sell them for pets, flock sires, or slaughter; we just can't keep them!  For more info, visit the "For Sale" tab, or e-mail us.

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